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Earth Haven Massage is located in the Hospital district, near Goodwood Gardens and Museum. 
Earth Haven Massage and Bodywork MM # 36831 John M. Maiers, LMT - FL # MA 73368.

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I have had the chance to experience John's handy work several times. I have to say John's hands are like magic. He makes sure you are comfortable with every aspect of the allotted time from the ambiance of the location, general relaxation, conversation. John has always demonstrated the utmost professionalism. He is a very talented and educated man who knows exactly how much or little pressure to apply depending on your unique situation. He preforms several different types of massage. I would recommend everyone to get in and see John. Let him help you. - Maria Stiles

I had a very relaxing and soothing experience during my massage given by John Maiers. John really released a lot of tension and stress off my body and mind. John is very professional and made me feel comfortable and relaxed during my massage. If your looking for a great way to treat yourself, a massage by John is the perfect way. I highly recommend it! - Elizabeth D. Celikis

John Maiers has a magical touch....I received both a Relaxation Massage as well as Thai Yoga Massage. I highly recommend both!!! His pressure is always absolutely perfect, as he tunes into his client and communicates well. My entire body was completely relaxed and my muscles were kneaded and drained of all toxic energy. The Thai Yoga is an amazing experience..very freeing and unique. John is gifted with his craft and will not let you down.....each experience is perfection. - Courtney Laine

I had the joy of getting a massage from John Maiers with Earth Haven Massage, recently. What blissful relaxation. He immediately put me at ease with his ability to make conversation or be quiet whichever I needed at the time. Afterwords, my body felt great, soothed, and relaxed. If I had my way I would get a massage from him every week or every other week. Wonderful. I recommend to everyone to give him a call. Thank you John. - Bethany Buffington

I always enjoy my massages and Thai Yoga therapy sessions with John Maiers. Being that I am 70 years old and do not like to drive, I love the fact that he comes to me. Believe me, if I can do Thai Yoga – you can! I was badly burnt in a house fire over 40 years ago and have had limited mobility ever since that increasingly worsened with age. With John’s Thai Yoga treatments in his Wellness Week Series, I was able to walk without my cane – and able to spend my 70th birthday walking around Sea World Orlando with my daughter. - Dolores Sadvary

After just two short sessions on my left foot, which was always in pain, and 1 full body session, my pain is nearly gone. I believe one more session will end decades of pain!You have to check it out! Get a reflexology session or a massage!! Or both, as I did. It was amazing and I will be a regular client. John is knowledgeable and empathic. He really cares about the health of his clients. I am feeling so much better since I saw him. Thanks, John. - Mavis Labounty

I am very impressed with my massage today. Have had many massages over the years including a few at 5 spa resorts and this was by far the best. Very professional attitude and atmosphere. Thank you John! - Bill Tice

Amazing massage, I do a lot of physical exercise during the week working 12 hour shifts, leaving me with very sore muscles. Also, I'm a full time nursing student, which is a lot of stress so it is great to finish the week with a beautiful massage from John, leaving I feel all brand new again ready to conquer another week. If your seeking muscle relaxation and stress relief...Don't look any further, you have found the perfect place, Earth Haven. - Crystal Tzintzun

I have had several Thai Yoga sessions with John, and I always leave feeling relaxed and refreshed! I definitely recommend this for anyone needing a little time to unwind and decompress from the stresses of daily life! - Doreen Mari Pettus

I went through the entire series of Thai massage with John. What an amazing experience!!! I felt as though the flow all of my meridians was increased and my entire body was in a beautiful state of balance and centeredness. After every massage I was living in the present and not preoccupied with the stress and worries of a busy life. :-) Thanks John! - Liz Rawls, Acupuncturist.

I spent a lot of time in school with John while studying Thai Yoga therapy. This is a man with gifted hands. He seems so naturally capable of speaking to the body through touch. His work is effective and potent in application. Let this be a genuine recommendation to visit Earth Haven. - Chris Cox,

SomaVeda Thai Yoga Integrative Therapist.

John M. Maiers, LMT


Helena Sadvary, Personal Assistant

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John M. Maiers, LMT – Earth Haven Massage & Bodywork

Located in the Hospital district, near Goodwood gardens and museum.

State of Florida Establishment License # MM 36831

State of Florida Massage License: FL # MA 73368 

Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified CORE Myofascial Therapist,

Certified Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner, Reiki Master and Reiki Practitioner.


John M. Maiers
is a graduate of CORE Institute School of Massage Therapy & Structural Bodywork where he completed the 525-Hour Professional Massage Therapy Training Program and 48-Hour CORE Myofascial Therapy Certification. His CORE Institute training consisted of Relaxation/Swedish Massage, Structural Integration, Medical Massage, Chinese Medicine, Sports Bodywork, Myofascial Therapy, Clinical Massage, Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology, Pathology, Hydrotherapy, Wellness, Professional Ethics, Business Management, and State Regulations. John M. Maiers is also trained in Hand and Foot Reflexology thru The Academy of Ancient Reflexology and Thai Table Massage from Ariela's Thai Massage Program. He is an insured member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA).

John M. Maiers is also currently a Certified Thai Yoga Practitioner, with 500 hours in training from the Thai Yoga Center at the SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine. His Thai Yoga Therapy training consisted of Level 1: Fundamentals of SomaVeda® Thai Yoga, Level 2: Ayurvedic SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Training, Level 3: Nuad Boran: Northern Style SomaVeda® Thai Yoga, Level 4: Advanced Training: Lines, Wheels and Points, SomaVeda® Theory (Cosmology, Sen Lines, Assessments, Indications, Contra-indications, Chakra Theory and Korosot Astrology: Level Four), and Level 5: Training: Clinical Applications and Development of specific programs for Clients based on Ayurvedic Assessments and Guidelines, the SomaVeda® Legal Guidelines, and Practices for Healing Professionals coursework. He is a member of the International Thai Therapists Association (ITTA).

John M. Maiers is an Authorized Blessed Full Member, Lay Minister, Counselor, and Therapist of the Oklevueha Native American Church of SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine (ONACS). John is also a Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master/Teacher through Healing Today with the New Universal Church and Natural Healers Association (NUNHA).  John has performed sports massage bodywork on the United States Olympic Dive Team Athletes and regularly works on the Florida State University Football Program Athletes.

Helena M. Sadvary  is no stranger to management. She has helped with the creation as well as the day-to-day management of multiple institutions including TwistALoon Entertainment, Thai Yoga with John, Arthur Murray Ballroom Dance Studios Tallahassee, ROI Marketing, and a variety of other organizations. She has a B.S. in Business Management with an Entrepreneurship emphasis, a B.A. in Theater with a Performance emphasis, as well as a Minor in Dance all from Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP). Helena also studied in the Theatre Management Masters Program at Florida State University (FSU).

Helena M. Sadvary is a certified Second Level Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Practitioner through Healing Today with the New Universal Church and Natural Healers Association.

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